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We offer all our retailers trade pricing which makes our products extremely competitive. We are focused on the environment but also care about your bottom line.

Low Minimum Order Values

We know that our flexibility towards Minimum Order Values gives us the edge on our competitors. Having to order 1000's of one product can be unmanageable and that's why we work with all our retailers offering them a realistic MOV.

Future-proof Investment

'Green thinking' isn't going to go away and at EcoCharlie we know this. Demand for environmentally sustainable products has been increasing as the public become more aware of their 'eco-impact' or 'carbon footprint'.

High Product Desirability - Instant Recognition

Our products don't only offer retailers a safe investment, they also look great! They shout 'eco' and 'green' at the customer and grab their attention through looking so different to the 'plastic packaged' competitors. Customers know that our products are very effective and will always choose EcoCharlie.

Public Demand

There is no point having products taking up space in your stores which are not wanted by the public. Our products are demanded on all levels. We get a constant stream of emails from the public asking where to buy EcoCharlie products. We also get a lot of press due to our 'Innocent smoothie-like start' and ethics. We always mention our most loyal retailers!

Please email [email protected] for more information about our Trade options.

Are You a Sales Agent?      

We are always looking for new ways to increase coverage over the UK and beyond. If you are a Sales Agent and would like to get in touch please email us at[email protected] 

Current Stockists.

A list of who we supply at present, check back for updates.

National Garden Centres:

Royal Horticultural Society
The Garden Centre Group (Wyevale)
Choice Marketing Group
Notcutts Garden Centres
Dobbies Garden Centres
Oxfam Stores Nationwide (stores with gardening sections)
Blue Diamond Group

Mail Order:

Harrod Horticultural
Garden Selections
Ken Muir
Nutleys Kitchen Garden

Independent Garden Centres:

Fulham Palace Garden Centre
Haslemere Garden Centre
Secretts Garden Centres
Kingfisher Farm Shop
Portsdale Garden Centre
Dunsfold Farm Shop
M.W. Partridge
Dougal Phillip Ltd
Earthy Food Market

Online Stores:
Nutleys Kitchen Garden


Airfield - Ireland
Das Landleben - Germany
Bavichhi SPA - Italy

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United Kingdom

You can send us a cheque in the post and detail what you would like to order, it just takes around 2 weeks to get your products this way!

If you have any queries please feel free to send us an email by clicking on the link below.

Need to call us?


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