The Eco-Charlie Company

Eco-Charlie = Ethical Gardening.


We feel strongly that gardening and garden products have become too chemical reliant and not environmentally sustainable. It is our aim to change this as we only produce eco-friendly products that help to maintain the gardens natural balance. We believe strongly in biocentric preservation and feel our products will help you achieve this. As eco-friendly living is becoming more poignant for us all, where better to start 'going green' than your own garden!

Ethical Gardening - Biocentric Preservation


For years gardening has been ethically incorrect as a wave of new chemicals became available that could, for example, kill off all slugs in your garden. This however, is not what we want to happen. Here at Eco-Charlie it is our mission to help people understand that killing off bugs and creatures harms the garden (and surrounding area) more profoundly than originally perceived. Killing all unwanted creatures in the garden could lead to the death of preferred animals like birds and insects that pollinate flowers. The garden is all about balance and by wiping out a species from your garden, you could upset the natural balance. All our products however do not kill any animals in the garden. We prefer to repel them or make an area undesirable to them. It is important that every living organism has a right to exist and this is our main concept.