Biocentric Preservation - A philosophy that emphasizes the fundamental right of living organisms to exist and pursue their own goods.


Bio diversity - Biological diversity, the number of different species in a certain habitat or area.


Biota- All organisms in a given area.


Carbon cycle - the circulisation of carbon atoms.


Carbon sink - Places of carbon accumulation, such as trees, forests, oceans etc.


Ecocentric - (Ecologically centered) a philosophy that claims morals, values and rights for both organisms and ecological systems.


Eco justice - Justice in the social order and integrity in the natural order.


Ecosystem - a specific biological community including its physical environment.


Environmental Ethics - A search for moral values and ethical principles in human relations with the natural world.


Flora - All of the plants present in a given area.


Gaia Hypothesis - A theory that the living organisms of the earth form a single, complex, interacting system that maintains a habitable earth.


Global Environmentalism - A concern for, and action to help solve, global environmental problems.


Habitat - A place were particular organisms live.


Human ecology - The study of the interaction between humans and the environment


Mulch - Protecive ground cover that is beneficial to soil and plants.


Pesticide - Any chemical that kills, moves or controls a pest


Pesticide treadmill - A need to constantly change or increase the dose of pesticide used.


Pest resurgence - Rebound of pest population due to pesticide chemical resistance or destruction of natural predators due to chemical pesticide use.