Many people ask us ‘How do I kill slugs?’ Our answer is simple. If you kill them with slug pellets or slug traps, more slugs will fill their space. If you use a natural slug barrier, you are stopping slugs from eating your most desired plants. The slugs then get eaten by birds and hedgehogs etc.

Even organic slug killer (organic slug pellets) is harmful to the eco-system as it is disrupting the natural food chain and the balance of predator Vs prey in the garden.

Green Gardening Advice

To make your garden greener there are a few basics that any household can follow.


Make your own compost

Do not use chemical fertilizers on your garden

Do not use chemical pest control

Rotate your vegetable patch

Grow your own vegetables

Compost lawn and flower cuttings

Compost biodegradable kitchen waste




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The Facts On Garden Chemicals


The chemicals found in conventional slug pellets can become toxic to other animals through bio-accumulation. Thus causing danger to animals such as cats and birds.


The garden chemical Lindane can cause death if ingested and may be present in such garden products as ant powder or fume pellets.


Insecticides kill off the pests but leave a gap in the natural food chain which therefore affects the other species in the garden.

Advice On Slugs and Snails


Don't Kill Them - Move Them

For many years it has been commonly acceptable to kill slugs through conventional slug pellets. However, this leaves the natural predators of slugs and snails without prey. This in tern means that more desirable animals such as birds will not live in an area with no food and force them to move else where.


Slugs and snails are also great at breaking down plant material in compost heaps and they excrete a nitrogen rich substance that fertilizes the soil.


Advice On Squirrels


Squirrels can become a nuisance when they start to feed on bird feeders or dig up the lawn to burry nuts. Poisoning them is not ethical or environmentally friendly as this leaves trees and plants with less chance of their seeds growing. It would also lead to other pest populations increasing and this would destabilize the ecosystem in the garden.


One way to deter squirrels is to have to separate bird feeders, one with Eco-Charlie's Natural Wild Animal Deterrent on it and one for the squirrels to eat. They would need to be kept at a distance from each other to ensure repelling the squirrel is effective.