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Does your Natural Slug Deterrent Work for Hosta's?
Yes, EcoCharlie Natural Slug and Snail Deterrent works very effectively around Hosta's. We are proud to be members of the BHHS (British Hosta Society)Back to top
Do you deliver to Scotland?
Yes we do deliver to Scotland, Wales and Ireland. Please email us if you would like delivery outside Mainland Britain as there are extra charges.Back to top
How many AQUADRIP spikes come in a pack
There are 6 AQUADRIP spikes per pack plus 6 flow rate adjusters.Back to top
Can I buy your products from stores?
Yes you can, please go to the trade section to see a list of our current stockist's.Back to top
Are EcoCharlie AQUADRIP water spikes recyclable?
Yes, they can be recycled just like plastic bottles.Back to top
Can I order over the phone?
If you cannot order on the web, then we can take orders over the phone.Back to top
How much is postage?
Delivery costs cary from product to product due to weight and size. Please visit our Delivery page for more information.Back to top
How can a get rid of slugs and snails in my garden?
Simple, you don't want to 'get rid' of them, you want to stop them eating your prized plants. Use our Natural Slug and Snail Deterrent!!!Back to top
How does the AQUADRIP water spike set support Oxfam?
For every pack of AQUADRIP (adjustable water spikes) sold we donate 20p to Oxfam. It doesn't seem much but we hope to donate over £1000.00 this year and double that in 2010!Back to top
How do I order more than one of your products?
Once you have placed an item in your barrow, you can then go to your barrow by clicking the icon in the top right corner. In your barrow you can change the quantities of products you have ordered. Simple!Back to top
Do you run Special Offers?
We are always finding new ways to save you money!! Check our website regularly to see if we are running a special offer on some products.Back to top
How can i contact Helen Yemm?
Helen Yemms email address is [email protected]. Why not ask her a question!Back to top
Do you sell to trade?
Yes, visit our trade page to get our contact details.Back to top


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You can send us a cheque in the post and detail what you would like to order, it just takes around 2 weeks to get your products this way!

If you have any queries please feel free to send us an email by clicking on the link below.

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