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Posted by Ria Goldman

Just taken delivery of my slug and snail deterrent and have immediately put it to use :-)
I have only just started gardening (this is my first year) and I would like to make it a Eco friendly as possible

Posted by Dave Low

Nice products - hope this sort of thing is the way ahead for the future. Keep up the good work and best wishes, Callum - Dave

Posted by Martin Lock

EcoCharlie is a great idea for gardening environmentally!

Posted by Eileen Whalley

I have just ordered a bag of snail repellant. It sounds just the thing I need as I don't like to use toxic pesticides in my garden. Good luck with your business, you are an enterprising young man and I wish you success. I look forward to receiving my order and am sure I will be shopping with you in the future.

Posted by Fiona Lynne Edwards

Hi there I just wanted to say a huge "thank you" for the bag of natural Slug Deterrent which arrived today! I am delighted as I will shortly be planting out my veggie seedlings. Thank you again!

Posted by Caroline Anderson

Read about you in the Guardian yesterday and have just been on your website. Great stuff- I wish you lots of success with it!


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