Below are some helpful tips on how to make the most of any watering system you use. They should help you water your garden more effectively.

Regular watering is essential for summer bedding, vegetables, pots and hanging baskets as well as newly-planted trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants.

If using a hose, water in the early morning or cooler evening to minimize water evaporation.

Try not to use a fine mist of water as a lot of this is blown away in the wind or evaporates from the soil straight away.

Water at the base of the plant to get the water to the plants roots where they require the water. AQUADRIP waters plants directly at their roots. Visit the Thanos Home website.

Store as much rainfall as you can in water butts collected from the roof of your house, garage, shed and greenhouse. This will be warmer and thus cause less of a shock to plant roots than mains water.

Use waste water from preparing vegetables and washing up as well as that from baths and showers. Don't use water that contains bleach or powerful household cleaning products, which could damage plants.

Try not to worry about watering the lawn during the summer, although it becomes brown, it will soon recover when it rains.

If using a water sprinkler system, be sure to move it regularly to avoid over watering.

Watering cans can be wasteful if not used properly. Make sure you water the plant at the soil level and not above the plant.

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