Aphid Biological Control - Aphidius Colemani - 100 pack

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Aphid Biological Control - Aphidius Colemani - 100 pack

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Aphidius Colemani are tiny little wasps that lay their eggs in the body of the aphids. The larva of the wasp eat the host aphids eventually killing them.

When fully grown, the Aphidius larva cuts a slit in the hollowed out shell of its host, and attaches the carcass to the substrate with silk. As it spins more silk within the host skin, this gradually takes on a golden colour and forms the characteristic ‘aphid mummy’. Within the mummy, the larva pupates, and after four or five days an adult is ready to emerge. This adult cuts a circular trap door in the mummy, always on the upper surface at the back, and escapes through this to seek fresh hosts.

Each wasp will lay hundreds of eggs in the 2-3 week life-cycle so they really can effect an aphid population.

Introduce only when temperatures are above 12 degrees C (54F). Only suitable for use in greenhouses or conservatories. Do not use pesticides before or during the use of this product, without checking to see if they are harmful to beneficial insects.

This biological control method can be used on any plant with an aphid problem.

- Biological and non-chemical control of aphids
- Uses tiny parasitic wasp Aphidius Colemani
- Can parasitise up to 40 species of aphid
- Adults fly to aphids and lay their eggs in the aphid, killing the aphid and producing more Aphidius (sustainable control)
- Safe for the user and the environment
- Safe around children, pets, birds and wildlife

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