Natural Cat Repellent Plant Seeds

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Natural Cat Repellent Plant Seeds

Product Description

Our Cat Clear 'Grow Your Own Cat Repellent' is a pack of two different seed types that, once grown and established, provide a sustainable and long lasting deterrent for all felines.
The plants work in physical ways to deter cats though odor and texture.

Helichrysum Italicum
Lemon Balm

Helichrysum Italicum is disliked by cats due to the smell of the plant (only cats dislike the smell as they have very sensitive noses) and also the coarse texture of the plant irritates cats when brushed against.
Lemon Balm is dislike by cats due to the citrus smell of the plant plus when grown into tight bushes, cats find these plants very irritating to walk through or past.

How do they work?

If grown correctly, these plants can offer full garden protection or just area protection if desired.
Planting the cat repellent seeds around the edge of a garden will repel cats from entering over fences and walls.
Planting in borders will prevent cats from messing in that border.
Planting in pots placed in front of the house will repel cats from walking into the garden front the front of the house.

Both plants are easy to grow and can start to be used as a cat repellent once they are planted out.
It is recommended that you keep the plants growing in a tight bushy ball to work most effectively.

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