Ladybird Larvae - 2 spot Adalia Bipunctata (100 pack)

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Ladybird Larvae - 2 spot Adalia Bipunctata (100 pack)

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Ladybird larvae consume large numbers of aphids (greenfly and blackfly). We only sell the ladybird larvae as they are guaranteed to stay in your garden, where as adult ladybirds can (and very often) do leave your garden.

Please make sure you have an aphid problem before ordering. We say this as the larvae will not survive if there are no aphids to eat. Ensure there are no ants present as they can reduce efficiency (ants protect aphids and fight with the ladybirds).

Adalia Bipunctata is a native British ladybird and feeds on all aphid species.

The larvae look nothing like their parents, but they have the same appetite for soft bodied garden pests such as aphids. Each ladybird larvae will eat a large number of pests before pupating and emerging as a ladybird. When the larvae pupate and become adult ladybirds, they will be more likely to stay in your garden as they have grown up there!

It is thought that a ladybird can eat over 5,000 aphids in one year, they also eat plant lice!

Release Ladybird larvae in your garden between May and August.

NOTE: Aphids molt as they grow and the shed skins drop to the upper surface of the leaf below. These white skins can be confused with whitefly, for which a different control is needed. Control outdoors is less predictable as environmental factors such as heavy rain, predatory birds, hyperparasitic wasps etc. will effect success.

Size: 100 larvae per pack

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