Nemasys Caterpillar and Codling Moth Killer 40m

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Nemasys Caterpillar and Codling Moth Killer 40m

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Nemasys Caterpillar and Codling Moth Killer is the simple solution to control caterpillars.

To control caterpillars apply as soon as the caterpillars are first seen applying to all leaf surfaces where the pest is present. Make sure to spray pests with a solution as caterpillars not directly sprayed will not be controlled.

To control Codling Moths apply September to October to the trunk of the tree/main branches and to an area of soil equal to the tree cover above.

Wet the area before applying the nematodes and apply with a pump sprayer so that all areas are treated. The pack contains sufficient for two further applications at 5 to 7 day intervals, this ensures that all hatch-lings are targeted.

The nematodes (Steinernema carpocapsae), attack the pest by entering natural body openings. Once inside, they release bacteria that stops the larvae from feeding, quickly killing it and breaking the pest's life-cycle.

This pack covers 40 square metres.

Delivery: Nemasys products are delivered once a week (every Thursday) and get delivered on a Friday or Saturday. So if you order on a Thursday or Friday then delivery will be just over a week.

These are live products and have a use by date. Do not buy them unless you are going to use them within 1 month.

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Ethical credentials Chemical Free, Made in the UK, Natural Product, Sustainably Sourced

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