Organic Pots & Hanging Baskets Feed 1ltr

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Organic Pots & Hanging Baskets Feed 1ltr

Product Description

Our Organic Pots & Hanging Baskets Fertilizer, as used on a Chelsea Gold Medal Winning Garden, is a liquid fertilizer which is extracted from wormcastings and formulated specially for use on pots and hanging baskets.

Our completely natural feed can help you grow longer lasting, bigger blooms.

Why Use EcoCharlie's Organic Pots & Hanging Baskets Feed?

Adds beneficial micro-organisms to growing medium which aid plant flowering

Stimulates rapid root growth which results in better uptake of nutrients and water in plants

Increases drought resistance of plants

Provides plants with all the nutrients needed to produce larger. more vibrant flowers

Soil Association approved Organic Status

Made in the UK

Makes over 100 watering cans worth of fertilizer! It will last the whole season

Organic Pots & Hanging Baskets Feed is rich in nitrogen, phosphate, potash, magnesium and calcium as well as beneficial enzymes and other trace elements, making it the No.1 choice for professional flower display growers and nurseries across the UK.

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Ethical credentials Chemical Free, Made in the UK, Natural Product, Organic Product, Sustainably Sourced

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