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Organic Coir Plug Set - 24 plugs

Chemical Free
Natural Product
Organic Product
Peat Free
Sustainably Sourced

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Availability: In stock


Organic Coir Plug Set - 24 plugs

Product Description

These natural coir plugs filled with organic coir compost are the perfect and easy way to start growing organically.

Complete with our coir fibre growing trays and then packed into our specially developed organic jute bags; these seed plugs are coir fibre 'tubes' hand filled with natural coir compost.

Just pop in the seed or cutting, water and put the cap back.

The compost is pure coir, so when the first true leaves emerge, or the cutting is rooted, give them a feed with organic fertiliser.

As the plant grows, the plug will biodegrade, letting the plants root grow naturally. We plant these 'semi-mature' plants into the ground with a helping of our Organic Wormcast, Natural Neem Fertiliser or Natural Seaweed Granules. Each of these will work a treat!

There are 24 plugs per Hessian sack contained within 2 coir trays. The coir trays can be reused or left to biodegrade with the plugs. We use some as mini kitchen herb planters.

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Ethical credentials Chemical Free, Natural Product, Organic Product, Peat Free, Sustainably Sourced

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