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Organic Compost Maker - 2.5ltr

Chemical Free
Fair Trade Product
Made in the UK
Natural Product
Organic Product
Peat Free
Sustainably Sourced

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Organic Compost Maker - 2.5ltr

Product Description

EcoCharlie’s Natural Compost Maker helps produce rich, high quality compost in your compost heap. It also:
- Speeds up the composting process
- Increases microbial activity in soil
- Once added to soil, helps grow healthier plants.
- Greatly increases nutrients in compost.

An application of EcoCharlie's Compost Maker ensures your compost will be fertile and great for growing all types of plants with.

When to Apply:
Apply at any time during the year. This can be used as a layer in a compost bin. It is recommended that you apply once every 4 weeks for best results. Add a layer before adding grass cuttings onto heap to help break the cuttings down quickly.

How to Use:
Spread granules over compost evenly and mix in thoroughly. You can also apply layer of this compost maker before adding another layer of organic waste. If using a compost bin add a layer between each layer of organic waste.

This can also be used in wormeries to increase worm activity and improve worm digestion rates.

Good Composting Checklist:
To produce great compost, check your compost heap every 2 weeks keeping the following information in mind.

- Check for a ‘warm’ temperature in the compost heap
- Check the compost heap is not dry
- Make sure you add small chunks of waste

Additional Information

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Ethical credentials Chemical Free, Fair Trade Product, Made in the UK, Natural Product, Organic Product, Peat Free, Sustainably Sourced

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