We started 2010 with a full order book and took on a few more agents to get even more orders We were in around 70 stores now. We also decided that we needed to revamp our site and offer our products to the general public direct from us. We don't supply every garden centre in the UK so it was only fair to offer the products online to give everyone a chance to try our bits out.

Online has really been good for us. My parents and I took on a great guy called Martin who has lots of experience online and a techie called Ben who is brilliant with all things to do with websites and how they work. They have helped shape the current website and what you see today! As well as selling our own products, we wanted to offer like minded products online.

During 2010 we also decided to expand the trade side of the business by bringing out around 20 new products. We found a great chap called Brian using Wormcastings as a natural fertiliser. It has some great scientific evidence behind it and was being used in commercial farming on a massive scale. Many of our products are now based on this and the results are amazing. We have literally never seen such growth from certain crops before. It is now the only fertiliser we use at home.

The EcoCharlie Story

So thats it so far. Its been a big learning curve for me and my parents. I am 20 years old now and hope to carry on with EcoCharlie for a long time yet. My friends think I am mad for doing this but I love it!

Next step for us is to get the whole of the UK aware of EcoCharlie and to build a great team around us to move forward in 2011.

We want to make gardening in the UK greener and step by step, we are getting there!

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The EcoCharlie Story 2010


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You can send us a cheque in the post and detail what you would like to order, it just takes around 2 weeks to get your products this way!

If you have any queries please feel free to send us an email by clicking on the link below.

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