Bee Attract Wildflower Seeds

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Bee Attract Wildflower Seeds

Product Description

Our Bee Attract wildflower seeds are perfect if you would like to attract all species of bees into your garden. There are 7 species of plants in the pack and the pack will cover over 5 metre square.

There is an infinite amount of reasons to attract bees into your garden, whatever size it is.

The main reasons are:

Many bee species populations are dropping radically and have been for since 2000.

Hundreds of bee species have become extinct since 1999.

Bees are the only insect in the world that provide food for us.

Bees pollinate over 80% of all edible plants in the UK. If they were to become extinct, this edible plant supply would cease to exsist.

British gardens cover more area the all the nature reserves within the UK, so if we all grew just a few plants that bee's love, then we could save the vital bees.

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