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Organic Neem Fertilizer 2.5kg

Chemical Free
Natural Product
Organic Product
Peat Free
Sustainably Sourced

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Organic Neem Fertilizer 2.5kg

Product Description

Neem - Natures most powerful fertiliser!

It's high in natural nitrogen, potassium, phosphates, trace elements and sulphur compounds.

But so, so much more...

Neem has over 100 Bio-Active ingredients including Azadirachtin. Azadirachtin is a very powerful, natural pest control which deters garden pests from feeding on plants and also stops their larvae growing. It has been proven scientifically in most countries throughout the world (Germany, France, India, USA and more) but not in the UK.

It also boosts the immune system of a plant (much like Wormcast) so that the plant becomes more hardy

Another benefit of Neem is that Earthworms love it which is always a massive benefit in a garden. You can even add some to your wormery.

The Neem Tree (Azadirachta Indica) has been used in India for thousands of years, freely giving natural medicines, soaps, oils, pesticides and fertilisers while happily growing in drought affected wastelands.

Local Indians shelter from the sun under the Neem Tree as it protects them from all of the pests.

It is best used in pots or raised beds to contain its properties, but also in hanging baskets. We have found it works wonders with Roses!

Note: This product has a strong smell so hold your breath while using it!

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Ethical credentials Chemical Free, Natural Product, Organic Product, Peat Free, Sustainably Sourced

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