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Recycled Lawn Protector

Made in the UK
Recycled Product
Sustainably Sourced

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Recycled Lawn Protector

Product Description

Bounce Back Recycled Rubber Crumb for Lawns - A lawn care phenomenon for grass that truly lasts.

Made entirely from 100% recycled tyres that have been granulated into rubber crumb.

The crumbs contract & expand when under the pressures created during the day to day use of your garden - this continually opens & closes passageways in the root zone, creating excellent growing conditions & improving drainage.

Apply the crumb either as a top dressing or mix directly into a new surface!

For domestic lawns, 2 applications at a rate of 1kg/m2 each will be sufficient, with 6-8 weeks in between

Can use lawn immediately after application (unless you have also seeded)

Ideal for use in: high use, worn areas; under & around play equipment; pathways

Crumb that remains on the surface helps reduce damage to the crown of the grass


Improves irrigation / drainage / aeration

Keeps roots warm
Stops bald patches

Increases micro life

Resists compaction

Maintains moisture

Increases root growth / depth

Child & pet friendly

Additional Information

Ethical credentials Made in the UK, Recycled Product, Sustainably Sourced

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