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Nemasys No Ants

Chemical Free
Made in the UK
Natural Product
Sustainably Sourced

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Nemasys No Ants

Product Description

Nemasys No Ants is environmentally friendly and safe for children, pets, wildlife and bees.

Use Nemasys No Ants to deal with an ant infestation, without any of the precautions associated with chemical use.

Apply when ant activity is visible on top of the lawn, this is typically April through to September. Apply to moist lawns when the soil temperature is above 10ºC (50ºF) and water them in well. Make sure the lawn does not dry out for at least two weeks after applying nematodes.

The ants do not tolerate the nematodes (Steinernema feltiae) near their nests and move their nests away from these areas.

Nemasys No Ants is available in a pack to treat 16 nests and a pack to treat 50 nests.

This does not kill ants - many online retailers explain that these nematodes kill ants, but they do not, they are a deterrent which is much more eco-friendly.

Why Deter Ants?

Black, red and yellow ants are found in the garden and, towards the end of July, swarms of flying ants take to the air looking for a mate and a place to lay their eggs.

Black Ants are most commonly seen, in the house attracted by sweet food and milking greenfly and blackfly for the sweet honeydew. They can protect these from predators and if necessary move them to new feeding grounds. Black Ants can nest anywhere including under pavements and along the sides of lawns with nests of usually 4000 to 7000 ants.

The Yellow Meadow Ant builds its nest in the lawn making unsightly mounds which are difficult to get the lawn mower over. They benefit from a neatly tended lawn as the short grass means that the nest underneath gets sufficient sun to stay warm. They forage under the ground so tend not to be seen until the nest is disturbed or they take to the air for the annual mating flight.

Red Ants are aggressive and can deliver a painful sting if disturbed. The irritant in the sting is formic acid. They live in smaller colonies than the other species, about 300 individuals.

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Ethical credentials Chemical Free, Made in the UK, Natural Product, Sustainably Sourced

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