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Coir Mulch Mats

Chemical Free
Fair Trade Product
Natural Product
Organic Product
Peat Free
Recycled Product
Sustainably Sourced

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Coir Mulch Mats

Product Description

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These nifty little things are Mulch Mats. They come is 4 different sizes: 20cm, 45cm, 60cm and 90cm.

They are made from completely natural and organic coir fibres and natural latex. They are fully sustainable and are an extremely tidy looking mulch.
Our Mulch Mats completely suppress weeds which cannot break through the tough coir fibres.

They also conserve water, give insulation, and deter some pests such as slugs and the cabbage white fly.

We use them in our larger pots, around the cherry and bay trees, covering the tubs of lily bulbs over winter, in fact anywhere we are fed up with weeding, or weeding could be a little tricky.

The Coir Mulch Mats will last over 2 seasons before they biodegrade.

Additional Information

Ethical credentials Chemical Free, Fair Trade Product, Natural Product, Organic Product, Peat Free, Recycled Product, Sustainably Sourced

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