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Autumn Colour Plants

Autumn Plants
Keep your garden looking stunning with our range of plants

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  • Cotinus coggygria Royal Purple 'Smoke Bush'

    Cotinus coggygria Royal Purple 'Smoke Bush'

    Bushy shrub with rounded or oval deep wine purple leaves, translucent in the sun. Deep pink plumes of flowers in June - July.

  • Viburnum opulus Roseum 'Snowball Tree'

    Viburnum opulus Roseum 'Snowball Tree'

    Flowers are all sterile and in the form of a ball, white with no berries turning yellow for good autumn colour.

  • Amelanchier lamarckii 'June Berry'

    Amelanchier lamarckii 'June Berry'

    Rounded leaves that unfold bronze then mature to dark green. Rich red-orange autumn colours with abundant sprays of star shaped white flowers.

  • Cotinus Grace 'Smoke bush'

    Cotinus Grace 'Smoke bush'

    Large leaves, soft wine in colour turning red in the autumn. Leaves can appear partly translucent when backlit. Purplish-pink plumes of tiny flowers.


Items 1 to 16 of 20 total

Set Descending Direction
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