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10cm Coir Pot Set

Chemical Free
Natural Product
Organic Product
Peat Free
Recycled Product
Sustainably Sourced

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10cm Coir Pot Set

Product Description

These Coir Fibre Pots come from what would be the unused husks of coconuts, they are totally renewable, completely natural and actually recycled as this material would have been left to waste.

Each pot is 20cm and will last a season at the least. If planted into the ground, it will last 2-4 months depending on conditions.

Naturally growing coconut palms actually help reduce C02 emissions and only the coconuts are cut down, not the whole tree.

The coir pots are mixed with natural latex which is drawn sustainably from rubber trees then pressed into shape.

You can plant these coir pots directly into the ground so there is absolutely no waste.

The organic natural Jute bag we package them in has a whole host of uses in the garden, and of course, after a couple of years, you can then compost that too.

Remember, pot bound plants never quite recover from being forced to stay small in plastic pots, however our pots help avoid this by gradually letting the plant roots grow through.

Additional Information

Ethical credentials Chemical Free, Natural Product, Organic Product, Peat Free, Recycled Product, Sustainably Sourced

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