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Eco-Charlie Ltd was founded in the Spring of 2008 by a keen gardener called Callum Davis. Having completed his A-levels in June 2008, Callum deferred his university place to follow an idea he had been developing. Eco-Charlie was born. Callum was just 18 when he started Eco-Charlie.


Soon after the creation of Eco-Charlie. The name was shortened to EcoCharlie and a new logo was designed.


Old EcoCharlie Logo           New EcoCharlie Logo









Callum's ambition was to focus on environmentally sustainable garden products which he achieved when he brought his Natural Slug and Snail Deterrent to the market. He felt it was important to provide his local community with safe and all natural garden products. (He now provides the Nation with all his products, but he liked to start small.)


EcoCharlie picture from the start

Picture of Callum Davis With the First EcoCharlie Product      








Callum's inspiration was drawn from his Environmental Studies at sixth form. He learned that caffeine is an effective slug/snail deterrent. Since he was working in a cafe at the time, Callum devised a way to use the spent coffee grounds in a way that they could be preserved naturally for a long time.


After the success of the Natural Slug and Snail Deterrent, Callum produced a new product to deter Cats (Cat Clear) that consisted of two plant seeds. Each seed was effective by itself but by planting the two together, a symbiotic relationship caused cats to be deterred. The cat deterrent is one of the most effective of its type on the market and is 100% Natural. 


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Callum's favourite product is his AQUADRIP Water Spikes. They not only support Oxfam but they are fully adjustable and fit onto most bottles. He developed the AQUADRIP to be a fully automatic plant watering system and it can be left for over a week.


Bee attract wild flower seeds create a wildlife garden


The newest addition to the EcoCharlie product family is our Bee Attract plant seeds. These wildflower seeds are all wildflowers which attract all types of bee (including the Honey Bee). They also increase the chance of pollination of your garden plants massively.


EcoCharlie will continue to manufacture products that are either Eco-Friendly, Ethical, Natural, Recycled or a combination of them all.


"Gardening has been slowly becoming an ethically incorrect past-time as a wave of chemicals has become available that could, for example, kill off all slugs in your garden. This however, is not what we want to happen.

Here at EcoCharlie it is our mission to help people understand that working with the garden, naturally can help achieve as much success as the chemical alternatives. Plus killing all unwanted creatures, such as slugs, in the garden could lead to the death of preferred animals like birds and insects that pollinate flowers. The garden is all about balance and by using chemical aids, you could upset this natural balance.

We aim to manufacture products that are either natural, ethical, recycled, eco-friendly, sustainable or support a good cause. As we all say a EcoCharlie; We are Eco. We are Ethical. We are the Future."






Recycling Advice


We like to recycle as much as possible and like to let everyone know about how easy and rewarding recycling can be. 

Recycle-More is the best place for information on where your local recycling centre is. They also offer advice and facts on every type of recycling possible. Its a great site and we recommend that you take a quick look!





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