Slug and Snail Advice

Slug and Snail Advice

Don't Kill Them - Move Them

For many years it has been commonly acceptable to kill slugs through conventional slug pellets. However, this leaves the natural predators of slugs and snails without prey. This in tern means that more desirable animals such as birds will not live in an area with no food and force them to move else where.


Slugs and snails are also great at breaking down plant material in compost heaps and they excrete a nitrogen rich substance that fertilizes the soil.



Slug Facts


Know Your Enemy


Slugs travel at 0.00726mph

Slugs are hermaphrodites so they can reproduce quickly.

Slugs and snails hide in dark moist areas

Slugs need a constant supply of water and food to produce the slime it travels on.

Slugs have over 25,000 teeth

Slugs can lay over 100 eggs a year.

Slug eggs take only 10-21 days to hatch

Slugs live for up to 6 years

The average garden contains 200 slugs

Each slug can eat up to 1kg of leaves during spring (without deterrents)

That equates to over 200kg’s of your garden plants eaten every year


Tips on Slug and Snail Control

Slug Species in Britain


It is practically impossible to stop slugs and snails from living in your garden and using chemicals on your garden is not sustainable or environmentally friendly.


Eradicating slugs and snails all together is not particularly good for the garden either as many species of birds and other garden animals feed on them.


Natural Slug and Snail Deterrent was not designed to kill slugs and snails rather, it encourages them to avoid eating the plants that you care about by aggravating their foot.


It is also known that slugs hide underground  during the day, to prevent them from eating your plants. You can apply Recycled Slug and Snail Deterrent right up to the plant stem.


Litter heaps, compost piles, drain pipes, greenhouses, well walls and uncultivated areas with dense plant growth, provide ideal sites in which grey garden slugs, grey field slugs and snails are capable of living.



Plants Susceptible to Slug and Snail Attack









Rock Rose



Why not try our Natural Slug and Snail Deterrent?


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