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AQUADRIP - Water Spikes

AQUADRIP - Water Spikes

water spikes

Automatic Plant Watering System (Watering Can Alternative)

Attach one of these water spikes to an old bottle, then leave it to water your plants...Simple.

These water spikes are made from 100% Recyclable Plastic

Watering your plants couldn't be easier!

Water you plants in 4 easy steps.

1. Fill it up

2. Screw it on 

3. Adjust flow rate

4. Spike into soil

Watch our helpful video below to see how it works.


You can use the AQUADRIP, automatic plant watering system, indoors, outdoors, in the greenhouse, in pots, garden beds, garden borders, vegetable patches, tubs and trugs, grow bags and hanging baskets.

The pack of 6 water spikes comes complete with 6 adjusting flow rate adjusters that fit onto each spike.

Our nifty little water spikes help you to recycle your plastic bottles in the garden. They will fit onto bottles with a 28mm bottle neck (the industry standard). Click here for a list of Suitable Bottles.

Using old bottles rather than expensive irrigation systems, saves a lot of time and money! These water spikes can even replace your trusty watering can. Click here to see our Eco Alternatives page.

The AQUADRIP automatic plant watering system also helps with plant hydration as it prevents water being evaporated before it is absorbed by the plant as with regular plant watering (especially in a watering can). The spike delivers the water straight into the soil where the plants roots absorb it.

An added feature is that these water spikes can be filled at a tap, meaning can be used throughout a drought or hosepipe ban. 

Every pack of AQUADRIP helps support Oxfam's fight to end world poverty.

Click here to learn more about what we do for Oxfam

Support Oxfam and the environment by using AQUADRIP, the ethical watering can alternative.

AQUADRIP Automatic Plant Watering System Video

Our video to guide you through the 4 easy steps to using the AQUADRIP.

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