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Live Worm Packs

Live Worm Packs

Dendrobaena earthworms

The Dendrobaena earthworm has the ability to consume large amounts of vegetable matter, up to half their body weight a day.

The temperature range at which the Dendrobaena earthworm thrives is between 12 to 18 degrees C. In warmer temperatures, their metabolism increases so they eat more food in warmer temperatures, up to 25 degrees Celsius. If the temperature raises too much above this they can get very stressed and will die at high temperatures. Moisture is very important as worms need it to breathe through their skin, although do not drown them. In ideal conditions, a single worm will produce approximately 2 young per week. Cocoons are laid which normally contain 1 worm taking anything from 40 to 128 days to hatch.

Perfect for the Bee Hive Wormery!

Once you have purchased your live worms, we will dispatch them and send you an email to confirm the day of delivery so that the worms are not left in trasit for too long! If you have a secure location that you would like us to leave the worms, then email us and let us know.


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