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Bee Hive Wormery

Bee Hive Wormery

Bee Hive Wormery

• Dispose of kitchen & garden waste in an environmentally friendly way

• Minimise your waste - Quick & easy to set up

• Easy to use - No smells

• Produce your own high quality 100% natural organic plant enhancer for all your garden and indoor plants

• Zero carbon footprint for your green waste disposal

• Fun to use - Children love it!

• A Worm Starter Pack is needed for the initial worms (available as a separate product from us)

• Wood is from a sustainable forest source


We are all aware of the every growing necessity for management of waste, and even more for the need to protect our environment. The ideal is for a system of waste disposal that is environmentally friendly and offers a carbon footprint of ZERO!!


This must also be easy to use, is where you need it, when you need it, does not require much work and does not cause offence or problems to anyone!


The domestic wormery does all this and much, much more.

Darwin described the earth worm as "The intestines of the Earth". By having a domestic wormery in every home in the country the saving on land fill will  be  considerable.

Garden and kitchen waste makes up about one third of our household rubbish. It's thought that about 40% of it could be composted, but today little more than 5% is composted.

You want to have a system where your fortnightly waste collection service doesn't result in rat and fly infestation and horrid smelly bins by your back door. 


A domestic wormery can do this by processing virtually all your kitchen and garden waste, and it will also dispose of your paper & card, vacuum bag contents and even your old jeans! Imagine the considerable benefits for you.

Not only will you be helping the environment and being more eco-friendly, you will have reduced the carbon footprint for the waste disposal of your kitchen and green waste to nothing at all.


More than this, you will be producing some of the most highly sought after soil enhancers available, this can cost up to £9.99 per kg, and you will get this for free,  where you want it and when you want it directly in your garden.


You can also add a drop of the garden feed to your AQUADRIP Water Spikes to feed the potted plants too.

The advantages to you are:

- No more smelly rubbish bins!

- Reduced Carbon Footprint

- A bi-product you can really use

- No great effort by you required

- Know that you are definitely doing something good for the environment

- Can save you money on garden fertiliser products!


This Kit includes:

-Bee Hive Wormery



-Coir Block



All you need is a pack of worms and you can start straight away.



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