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Bee Attract - Wildflower Seeds

Bee Attract - Wildflower Seeds

Bee Attract - Wildflower Seeds


These Bee attracting wildflower seeds are a great way to encourage all species of Bees into your garden.

The packet contains 5 grams of 7 specially picked wild flower seeds that are known to attract all types of Bees and other helpful insects such as Butterflies. Click Here to see the plant species Images

5 grams covers 5m² on average.

Why Attract Bees? 

Bees are in serious trouble.


Many Bee species have become extinct since 1999 and scientists believe that the Honey Bee could be extinct within a few years. 


Every year around 30% of the Honey Bee population dies.


With British gardens covering more area than all the Nature Reserves put together; we could all make a real difference and help Bee populations by growing Bee friendly wild flowers.


If we all grew a small patch of wildflower seeds in our gardens then we would help Bees gather a more varied amount of nectar and give them more food.


What does this mean for us?

Bees are the only insect in the world that provide food for us. 


The worlds agricultural production relies on the Honey Bee. 


The Honey Bee pollinates over 80% of all edible plants in the UK


Simply put; With no Bees, there would be no plants to pollinate which means no fruit or vegetables. This in turn would lead to world wide famine..Scary!


Click Here to see the plant species Images


HELP SAVE THE BEE - we need them more than they need us!



49p each