Hessian Sack - Potato Sack

Hessian Sack


Our Hessian Sack has many uses. It is the most useful garden tool you could imagine. 


It is made from 100% Natural Jute or Hessian fibers that are closely woven to give the sack great strength. It can hold over 20kg's!


Each Hessian sack has a drawstring closure which is great for securing it when its full.


Once the bag is no longer needed or has gotten far too dirty, we recommend throwing it onto the compost heap, it is fully biodegradable.


The Jute bag is approximately: 55cm tall x 48cm wide (21.5" x 19") 


Here is a list of some of the jobs we have found for this Hessian Sack.


-Potato Sack

-Vegetable store

-Plant Pot Liner

-Compost Bin Liner

-Compost Store

-Plant Fleece/Horticultural Fleece

-Hanging Basket Cover

-Garden Litter Collector

-Leaf Collector

-Sand Bag

-Onion Store



Free Delivery - Water Spikes

99p each.

Our postage charge is capped at £10.00

Hessian Sack - Potato Sack
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