Beekeeping - Beekeeping is a way a looking after (mainly Honey Bees) for the purpose of either extracting their honey or for pollination use. 

Biocentric Preservation - A philosophy that emphasizes the fundamental right of living organisms to exist and pursue their own goods

Bio diversity - Biological diversity, the number of different species in a certain habitat or area

Biota- All organisms in a given area

Carbon cycle - the cycle or 'life' of carbon atoms

Carbon sink - Places of carbon accumulation, such as trees, forests, oceans etc.

Cat Repellent - A product or item that keeps cats away from a certain area. A cat repellent can be natural or man made.

Ecocentric - (Ecologically centred) a philosophy that claims morals, values and rights for both organisms and ecological systems

Eco justice - Justice in the social order and integrity in the natural order

Ecosystem - A specific biological community including its physical environment

Environmental Ethics - A search for moral values and ethical principles in human relations with the natural world

Flora - All of the plants present in a given area

Gaia Hypothesis - A theory that the living organisms of the earth form a single, complex, interacting system that maintains a habitable earth

Global Environmentalism - A concern for, and action to help solve, global environmental problems

Habitat - A place were particular organisms live

Human ecology - The study of the interaction between humans and the environment

Mulch - Protective ground cover that is beneficial to soil and plants

Pesticide - Any chemical that kills, moves or controls a pest

Pesticide treadmill - A need to constantly change or increase the dose of pesticide used

Pest resurgence - Rebound of pest population due to pesticide chemical resistance or destruction of natural predators due to chemical pesticide use

Slug Barrier - A barrier that protects plants from slugs and snails

Watering Can - A device that you typically use to water pot plants and small borders

Watering Spike - A device that is used as a watering can alternative that is automatic.

Wildflower Seeds - Seeds of plants that are rare or not common in the UK. These plants are native to the UK and therefore are most beneficial to the wildlife in the garden such as Honey Bees and Butterflies.

Wildlife - The collective term given to animals and living creatures in an area.

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"Cut back tender perennials like penstemons and hardy fuchsias"