AQUADRIP - Water Spikes

The most ethical automatic plant watering system on the planet. A watering can alternative

Water spikes AQUADRIP 6 pack

Natural Slug and Snail Deterrent 10kg

The most Eco-Friendly way to repel slugs and snails, 100% Recycled

Natural Slug and Snail Deterrent 10kg

Natural Slug and Snail Deterrent 2.5kg

The most Eco-Friednly way to repel slugs and snails. 100% Recycled

Natural Slug and Snail Deterrent 2.5kg bag

Hessian Garden Storage Hamper

Stylish and handy Hessian fabric, garden storage hamper. 100% Natural and Eco-Friendly

Universal Hessian Storage Hamper

Hessian Sack - Potato Sack

Hessian garden sack, great for storage, truly multi-purpose and 100% Natural

Hessian Jute Bag Garden Tidy

Bee Attract - Wildflower Seeds

Bee attracting wildflower seeds, Help Save Our Bees by growing these plants

Bee Attract Packet, protect the honey bee

Cat Clear - Cat Repellent

Two cat repellent plant seeds that protect against troublesome felines. Grow Your Own Repellent

Cat clear packet cat deterring natural

Bee Hive Wormery

The Original Bee Hive Wormery. Bee-utifully designed, Bee-utifully made.

Bee Hive Wormery image worm farm

Live Worm Packs

We sell 3 different sizes of high quality Dendrobaena worms of mixed sizes. Great for your wormery!

Live Worms

CLEARANCE - 2009 Slug Deterrent 10kg

Our popular 2009 stock of Granite based Natural Slug and Snail Deterrent

Natural Slug Deterrent 10kg bags

Recycled Gift Cards

Buying a gift? - Why not grab one of our 100% recycled cards

Recycled Gift Card

Tomato Plant Feed

EcoCharlie Tomato Plant Feed Organic Quality

Tomato Plant Food - EcoCharlie

Rose Plant Feed

EcoCharlie Rose Plant Feed is a natural and eco-friendly, concentrated feed

Rose Plant Food - EcoCharlie

Organic Lawn Feed

EcoCharlie's Organic Lawn Feed treats over 1200m squared!

Organic Lawn Fertilizer