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  3. Jumbo Jute Gardening Hessian Sack

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Jumbo Jute Gardening Hessian Sack

Chemical Free
Natural Product
Sustainably Sourced

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Jumbo Jute Gardening Hessian Sack

Product Description

Meet the Jumbo Jute Sack, you will be able to fill this natural bag with all your garden litter and then drag or carry it to the compost heap.

It is excellent for helping with weeding or leaf collection and even better for when you are cutting a hedge.

It is even big enough to fit a whole student into it, we even tested this out!

Made from organic jute, with cotton handles which can be hoisted onto your shoulder, the bag is about two feet high with the same diameter.

The bottom is lightly sprayed with natural latex.

Additional Information

Ethical credentials Chemical Free, Natural Product, Sustainably Sourced

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